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A year of DX

The New Book by Bob Locher W9KNI

Can a DX'er from a small town in southwest Oregon hope to compete in the Big Leagues of DX'ing?  Bob Locher, W9KNI, author of the best selling DX Book ever, "The Complete DX'er", set out on a mission to prove it was possible.  "A Year of DX" is Bob's personal account of the challenges, joys and sorrows in pursuit of the Holy Grail -- winning the CQ DX Marathon.  Look over Bob's shoulder as he works country after country, yes, and missing a few along the way, but always trying to optimize his chances and the hope of logging the next one.

Mixed in is a wealth of other material, some dealing with equipment optimization, some thoughtful, some humorous. Anyone who enjoyed "The Complete DX'er" will surely be delighted with this book. 280 pages.

Includes chapters on linear amplifiers, transmitter audio optimization, and propagation in a time of low sunspots.

  Price Description USA
$20.00 A Year of DX $3.00 $7.00

W9KNI at his station

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