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Books, kits and accessories for the active ham

CW Keyers

Attention All CW Operators!

* About Transceivers with 'Built-in' Keyers
* What would make the perfect stand-alone CW keyer?

Our CW Keyer Products:

Logikey K-5

* New!Logikey K-5 Keyer - Assembled & Tested Fully iambic keyer.  Six active memories at one time, eighteen memories with banking.  Assembled, tested and ready to use.  $149.95 plus shipping.  More info and ordering....

* Super CMOS-3 - Partial Kit A partial kit version of the K5, shares all features of the K5, except for the capability of keying negative voltages (which can be added).  $58.00 including US Shipping.  More info and ordering....


* CMOS-4 Keyer - Complete Kit -OR- Assembled & Tested Shares virtually all the features of the K3 keyer, except that it offers four active memories at one time, and a total of twelve messages available when banking is used.  Also, the CMOS4 is significantly smaller. Available as a "Heathkit" style kit, with all parts and full documentation for $89.95 plus shipping, or fully assembled and tested for $124.95 plus shipping.  More info and ordering....

Keyer Documentation

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* CMOS 4
* Logikey K-1, K-3, & K-5

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