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Logikey K-5 By Idiom Press
Logikey K5

Logikey K-5 Specifications:

The new Logikey K-5 keyer replaces the classic K-3 keyer, of which thousands have been sold.  The K-5 uses the identical firmware – all operating features of the K3 remain unchanged.  The K-5 features a new, lower height chassis/cabinet with improved fit and finish.  The K-5 includes a built in battery holder, which accepts three AAA cells, which will run the keyer for many months or even years of normal operating.  The K-5 will also run off 12 volts DC, and when powered with 12 volts DC the batteries, if installed, do not drain.

The K-5 also includes some circuit refinements, designed to offer improved protection for the CPU from lightning and static discharges.

Fasteners used in the K-5 are all 18-8 stainless steel.

OK. You look at the specs and the features.  Pretty spectacular.  But you weren't born yesterday.  How the heck do you control all those functions without a keyboard?  How do you get the speed readout without a digital display?  So how do you talk to it, and it to you?

Simple!  Via Morse Code!  After all, that's what this keyer is all about.  Want to know the exact speed?  Press the right-most two buttons down together and release them.  This puts you temporarily into the "Inquiry" mode.  The keyer will send a "?" as in "di-di-da-da-di-di" in perfect morse.  Now, through your paddle, you send the letter "S" (as in Speed).  The keyer responds by sending the exact speed in Morse Code.  As soon as it finishes answering the question, it automatically goes back to normal operating.

OK.  You want to program the speed range?  Easy.  Press the left-most two buttons down together and release.  That puts you in the "Function", or control mode.  The keyer will send, in flawless morse, "F", indicating it is now in Function mode.  You send "R0825" through your paddle.  That sets the Range to run from 8 to 25 words per minute, instantly.  That's how it's done - all queries and commands are entered or played back through Morse Code, using simple instructions.  And as soon as you finish sending the command, it is implemented, and the keyer instantly and automatically returns to normal operating mode.

Loading messages is a snap. Press any button for two seconds - the keyer will send a "C".  Enter the first word of your message.  The keyer responds with a high-pitched "didi" indicating acceptance, and that it is entering a word space after that first word.  Send another word.  It gives the "didi" again.  Now, go get a cup of coffee and come back, then send the third word.  Pretty intense, huh?  And when you are finished, press the same button down again to close the message.  For playback, just press the same button briefly and release.  Out it comes!  If you want to change something later, there is an "Edit" capability too.

And that's how it is done - you and the keyer communicate via Morse Code through paddle and speaker.  Commands are intuitive and simple.  Learning everything your Logikey K-5 will take an hour or so, (though you will be up and running in ten minutes) but the comprehensive tutorial makes it easier than you can imagine.  And once learned, you will be set for a lifetime of CW pleasure.  Many modern transceivers offer built in keyers - most are simplistic and unsophisticated, and not user-friendly.  The K-5 feature list is unmatched in any transceiver!

Product Reviews

Have a look at the eHam product reviews of the K-5:

Also, read the QST magazine product review for Logikey K-3 in the February 2001 issue, in Adobe PDF format here:

QST Review of Logikey K3

Also Available: Keyer Cable Sets

The HKA Cable Set is a set of three quality cables to interface the keyer with your rig. Included is a 6 foot shielded cable with molded 3.5 mm (1/8") stereo plug for your paddle, a six foot cable with a molded 2.1 mm DC power plug, and a shielded keying cable that goes from the keyer to the rig.  The keying cable has a molded RCA plug on the keyer end, and a fully-shielded metal 1/4 inch phone plug to connect to the rig.  $16.95 plus shipping, order below.

The HKB Cable Set is the same as the HKA Cable Set, except that the keying cable has a fully-shielded metal 3.5 mm (1/8") phone plug to connect to the rig.  $14.95 plus shipping.

Pricing and Ordering


$ 149.95 Logikey K-5 Keyer $ 7.00 $ 12.00
$ 16.95 HKA Cable Set for Keyers, 1/4 inch phone $ 2.00 $ 4.00
$ 14.95 HKB Cable Set for Keyers, 3.5 mm phone $ 2.00 $ 4.00

The Super CMOS III Keyer Kit

All the features of the K-5 are also offered as a partial kit, the Super CMOS III Keyer. All features of the K-5 are included, except for the capability of keying negative voltages, which however can be added, and for which details are included.  The partial kit consists of the PC board, the keyer CPU and memory chip, and all on-board parts. Included is a construction guide, as well as a comprehensive operating manual and a tutorial to get you going quickly.

The builder will need to supply an enclosure, 6 good quality push buttons, a 5 VDC power source, a speaker, a 100k linear potentiometer, and all input and output connectors.


View our library of keyer documentation, in handy Adobe PDF format.

Pricing and Ordering

The partial kit is available to US addresses at $58 postpaid, or to DX addresses at US $60 postpaid via airmail.


$ 58.00 Super CMOS III no charge $ 2.00

Idiom Press is now in its 21st year of serving radio amateurs.  And we are proud to say that we continue to support every product we have ever sold!  Thousands of keyers and kits from Idiom Press have delighted CW operators worldwide.  If you are not one of them, you should be.

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