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Rotator Illuminator
by Idiom Press

3-LED Replacement Kit for Incandescent Meter Lamps
in Hy-Gain Rotator Control Boxes

Now New & Improved!  LEDs Now 3x Brighter!

The Rotator Illuminator kit by Idiom Press is a three-LED replacement circuit for the incandescent lamp in Hy-Gain control boxes.  Buy this kit and never have to worry about finding scarce 28 VAC bulbs, and never have to change the bulb ever again!

   photo of control box with rotator illuminator
Rotator Illuminator as built

Have a look at the product reviews for the Rotator Illuminator on eHam:

Have you heard about our Rotor-EZ enhancement for your Hy-Gain rotator? It is an add-on circuit board that will turn your rotator to the bearing you want without you holding the buttons!  Optionally it can be controlled by your computer via a serial connection.  Have a look at the Rotor-EZ here.

It has come to our attention that some companies supply LED lamps that plug directly into the lamp socket.  At first this seems like a very attractive alternative to the incandescent bulb.  We tested two different LED lamps ourselves, and found them to be not very suitable.  Both LED lamps focus their light in a narrow cone straight ahead.  This is appropriate for a flashlight.  However in the control box the lamp socket is pointed forward at the back of the front panel and not downward at the meter, and most of the light is wasted and the meter is not illuminated very well at all.  (There is not room inside the control box for a lamp and socket pointed downwards at the meter.)  The Rotator Illuminator was designed especially for illuminating the meter in your Hy-Gain control box, and works much better.

The Rotator Illuminator kit was designed for meters with a single bulb above a meter with clear plastic edges, which are the vast majority of meters in service.  If you have the new-style meter that has two built-in bulbs and has opaque edges, then unfortunately this kit will not work for you.

Pricing and Ordering

The Rotator Illuminator kit is available to US addresses at $10.95 postpaid, or to DX addresses at US$ 12.95 postpaid via air mail.

Price Description
 $ 10.95    Rotator Illuminator Kit 

Note: many customers order more than one Rotator Illuminator.  In order to cut down fewer trees and save on shipping costs, we usually only send one copy of the manual to customers who order more than one Rotator Illuminator.  If you would like more than one copy of the manual, you can download the manual here, or you can request more than one copy in the "Comments or Instructions" box of the order form.

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