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W9KNI and W7GH
Bob W9KNI and Rob W7GH

Idiom Press was established in 1982 by Bob W9KNI, and is currently run by his son Rob, W7GH.

Bob Locher W9KNI

Bob was raised in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, so it's no surprise that he took up ham radio. Bob was extremely fortunate to be introduced to amateur radio by the legendary Art Collins, WØCXX. The Collins' were family friends. Art gave Bob the novice license test himself! Art helped Bob get on the air, and proved a super Elmer.

Bob is also part owner of Bencher, Inc., maker of the Bencher and Mercury paddles, the Bencher hand key, low pass filters and the incomparable Skyhawk triband Yagi. Bencher also manufactures and sells the Butternut antenna product line. Bob does technical support and product development for Bencher and Butternut.  Bob has retired from running the day-to-day operations at Idiom Press, but still gives valuable advice on new product development and other business matters.

In Bob's Own Words

"I founded Idiom Press in 1982. The original purpose of the company was to publish my book, The Complete DX'er. I had written a number of articles that had been published in Ham Radio Horizons and later in Ham Radio Magazine. The articles were well received and encouraged me to write The Complete DX'er.

"When the book was nearing completion, I was trying to figure out a name for the business. One night doodling around on a piece of scrap paper I came up with 'Idiom Press', which was derived from 'I Did It On My Own', the capitalized letters giving 'idiomo'. Of course 'idiomo' is a meaningless word and not likely to stick in memory. On the other hand, 'Idiom', made by dropping the 'o' off 'Idiomo,' is a perfectly good English word. An idiom, as it is defined, is 'a method of expression,' which makes perfect sense for the name of a publishing house, especially for ham radio, itself a method of expression. Later, when I began to offer other products, I decided to keep using the name of Idiom Press since I believe it has always had a good reputation."

Rob Locher W7GH

Rob was raised in the Midwest, in the suburbs of Chicago, and has a background as an electronics technician and as a computer programmer.  Rob was living in San Diego in 2005 when Bob called and asked him if he wanted to help run Idiom Press.  Rob and his wife were glad to accept the opportunity.  When Rob isn't being challenged by running Idiom Press he enjoys exploring the beautiful scenery of southwestern Oregon.

On the radio Rob likes to ragchew and hunt DX.  He's mostly active in CW, but can often be found on SSB and the digital modes also.  Rob likes to build kits and tinker with antennas.  Rob serves as the president of his local club.


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